Blind Spots,
'A Visual Simulation Of Retinitis Pigmentosa'

Blind Spots, <br/>'A Visual Simulation Of Retinitis Pigmentosa'
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This acrylic painting, created in the early 1980's, while retaining 8-10 degrees of central vision, simulates one of many RP visual experiences through my life. In this illustration, I depict the scenario of "focusing on a person's eye" within a dimly lit restaurant. The colorful, wildly moving, ever changing, blotches and pinpoints of light, may be the way my brain is perceiving those areas of lost vision. This unique visual perception has been a part of my life since my earliest memories. In fact, at any time, with no effort, I can increase the number, color intensity and activity level by simply focusing my attention on them. Today, the ever familiar "dance of light" remains, while the tiny island of central vision has long disappeared.

Original Art Medium: acrylics on illustration board


Full Size Print Dimensions :  8x10



Paper, (Osprey Velvet) Print:  $25.00, plus $1.50, (6% sales tax for PA residents)

U.S. Postage

1 Print,Estimated U.S. Postage: $5.50

Blind Spots - Custom Size Available

You may order Blind Spots in a larger size to suit your preference. A larger print of 16" x 20" is quite dramatic and priced the same as all other prints of its size on this site. Please call, or e-mail to order a custom size print.

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