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Leopard Lizard
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Leopard Lizard

This long-nosed leopard lizard is painted in fine detail. The lizard’s head, rendered so precisely, a mixture of beige and brown on top, blending into the intricate grayish folds of the underside of the neck, wide mouth and sparkling dark eye. The body coloration has a base of creamy whitish beige with dark brown spots covering from the top of the head to the end of the lizard’s long, swirling tail. Dark brown dorsal bars also cross the back, down the length of the tail, giving the appearance of banding. The background is grayish brown desert sand with a gray, porous rock and yellowish brown blades of grass near the upper left. The leopard lizard can be found in desert flats with sparse vegetation, native to the western united States.

Original Art Medium: acrylics on canvas panel


Full Size Print Dimensions :  8"x10"



Paper, (Osprey Velvet) Print:  $25.00, plus $1.50, (6% sales tax for PA residents)

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1 Print,Estimated U.S. Postage: $5.00

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