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Introducing new JD Lewis Wildlife Note Cards!

Now, for the first time you may order high quality note cards via Pay Pal! Perfect for personal notes to friends & family.  This introductory line of JD Lewis note cards features 3 wildlife prints and 1 art print, (see photos & descriptions below).  The American Foundation for the Blind, (AFB), featured these cards in a direct mail campaign in July 2012 and January 2013.  It was a huge success!  Now, I am offering them in a set of 12 note cards, 3 of each of the 4 designs.  And, when you buy a package of JD Lewis Wildlife Note Cards, a portion of each sale is donated to The American Foundation for the Blind, (AFB). 
To learn more about JD Lewis and The American Foundation for the Blind,
Read AFB direct mail letter, featuring artist, JD Lewis

Note Cards

Quantity:  Set of 12
3 Springtime Cottontails, 3 Portrait of a Cheetah, 3 Treetop Flickers & 3 Blind Spots
Size:  5-1/2” x 7-1/2” – includes envelopes
Cost:  $12.00 per package, plus $1.00 shipping & 6% sales tax for PA residents


Springtime Cottontails


A mature cottontail rabbit chews on a dandelion leaf while standing next to a brush pile, (visible as an eye-catching back-drop to this lush, sunny, spring setting.  Two baby bunnies can be easily spotted in the background, (one grazing, the other, sitting still), surrounded by lots of greenery, each blade of grass becoming more detailed toward the foreground.  The sky is sunny, with interesting cloud formations, and green trees fading off in the distance.
Original Art Media:  Acrylics on illustration board

Portrait of a Cheetah


A portrait of a young cheetah was created from a detailed personal photograph captured while visiting the Philadelphia zoo.  The Cheetah’s yellow, orangish brown finely detailed fur texture and large, orange-brown, bright eyes, contrast brilliantly with the cheetah’s distinctive black spots and markings around the snout.
Original Art Media:  Acrylics on canvas panel

Treetop Flickers


Two yellow shafted flickers appear high atop an old dead tree.  The flicker, a member of the woodpecker family, sports a long beak and a short tail.  The female flicker clenches the lower right section of the tree.  Her backside reveals the distinctive bright red “V shape” and contrasts well with her brown, black spotted feathers.  The male flicker, wings outstretched and feet poised to land on the upper left portion of the tree.  In profile, the underside of his wing reveal in exquisite detail, the brilliant yellow fletching with touches of white and gray.  His breast is whitish and speckled with black markings with a large, black blotch on the lower neck.  The pitted, grooved, gray texture of the old tree and the bright, blue, sunny sky and puffy clouds compliment the vibrant flickers.
Original Art Media:  Acrylics on illustration board

Blind Spots

BLIND SPOTS – “An Artistic Simulation of Retinitis Pigmentosa”

This acrylic painting, created in the early 1980's, while retaining 8-10 degrees of central vision, simulates one of many RP visual experiences through
my life. In this illustration, I depict the scenario of "focusing on a person's eye" within a dimly lit restaurant. The colorful, wildly moving, ever changing,
blotches and pinpoints of light, may be the way my brain is perceiving those areas of lost vision. This unique visual perception has been a part of my
life since my earliest memories. In fact, at any time, with no effort, I can increase the number, color intensity and activity level by simply focusing
my attention on them. Today, the ever familiar "dance of light" remains, while the tiny island of central vision has long disappeared.
Original Art Media:  Acrylics on illustration board


1 Package of 12 note cards, including envelopes:  $12.00, plus, $.72, (6% sales tax for PA residents)
Don’t have a Pay Pal account? Or, do you wish to order more than 1 package of JD Lewis Wildlife Note Cards?
Please, e-mail, or call me at the contact information provided below.  And, I will be happy to add an additional package(s), or accommodate your payment preference.  I accept Pay Pal, check, or money order.

U.S. Postage

Note cards, includes envelopes, U.S. Postage: $1.00

* Contact The Artist

Telephone: 717-541-0517

Returns Policy

If you are not completely satisfied with your JD Lewis wildlife print, please return the print in the original packaging, within 10 days of purchase for a full refund of the print cost. Be sure to include your return mailing address. Sorry, no reimbursements for any shipping charges.

In a case of damage to your print during shipping, please return the print in the original packaging and a new print will be mailed to you, ASAP. You will be refunded for any shipping charges incurred.


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