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Type Of Art Print - giclée
Original Art Medium – Acrylics; Oils
Stock -osprey velvet paper; larger prints available on canvas
Presentation – 2” border, backer, clear bag protector; mats available for smaller prints
Print Size Range – 8”x 10” to 24” x 30
Framing – not included

What Is A Giclees Art Print?


8” x 10” sizes start at $25.00 and larger prints will be reasonably priced according to size and type of stock
Sales tax for PA residents and U.S. shipping charges will be applied
 Please, allow 10-14 days for delivery
All prints are well protected in durable material. and shipped, U.S. priority mail.

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Snowy Perched Blue Jay Snowy Perched Blue Jay

A vibrantly colored, detailed, close-up of a blue jay in profile. The jay gazes skyward while clenched to the snow covered pine branch, on this cold, overcast, wintry morning. A segment of a birch tree in the background, serves as a nice compliment to the “dominant blue jay”.
Original Art Medium: acrylics on illustration board

Winter Day Gray Squirrel Winter Day Gray Squirrel

A gray squirrel, poised on hind legs, looks into the distance from a snow-covered tree stump. In this “up-close image”, one can appreciate the soft, detailed, texture and the grayish-brown color variations of the fur, as the squirrel’s tail wraps into the wintry foreground.
Original Art Medium: acrylics on illustration board

Chilly Autumn Chipmunk Chilly Autumn Chipmunk

This perky, bright-eyed chipmunk, standing on all four legs, in a close shot image depicting smooth, subtle, variations of browns in the soft-textured fur, highlighted with his prominent beige and black stripes and facial markings. A surprising late autumn snowfall, makes the whitish-blue back drop, an excellent contrast for the chipmunk. A snow covered acorn can also be seen in the foreground.
Original Art Medium: acrylics on illustration board

Springtime Cottontails Springtime Cottontails

A mature cottontail rabbit chews on a dandelion leaf while standing next to a brush pile, (visible as an eye-catching back-drop to this lush, sunny, spring setting.  Two baby bunnies can be easily spotted in the background, (one grazing, the other, sitting still), surrounded by lots of greenery, each blade of grass becoming more detailed toward the foreground.  The sky is sunny, with interesting cloud formations, and green trees fading off in the distance.
Original Art Medium:  acrylics on illustration board


Portrait of a Cheetah Portrait of a Cheetah

A portrait of a young cheetah was created from a detailed personal photograph captured while visiting the Philadelphia zoo.  The Cheetah’s yellow, orange, brown finely detailed fur texture and large, orange-brown, bright eyes, contrast brilliantly with the cheetah’s distinctive black spots and markings around the snout.
Original Art Media:  acrylics on canvas

Northwest Autumn Elk Northwest Autumn Elk

A dominant male elk sporting the ever distinctive set of trophy antlers stands in the foreground, looking upward, while a female elk follows closely behind.  Reflections of blue in a shallow pond bring a splash of coolness to the blazing orange foliage of the surrounding white poplars, so plentiful in this sunny autumn Wyoming landscape.  Among the thick, colorful, underbrush, another antlered elk can be seen meandering in the background.
Original Art Media:  oils on masonite panel

Bowhunter's Challenge Bowhunter's Challenge
First Place Award, Wyoming Valley Art League

A brilliantly colored tom turkey sneaks out from behind a pile of rocks, unsuspectingly into the path of a fully camouflaged bowhunter, awaiting his prey.  The male turkey is the main subject, about to take a cautious step, while the head and upper body of a female turkey is visible, following him closely behind.  An autumn setting, a colorful leafy foreground and interesting rock formations in the distance, surround the bowhunter. 
Original Art Media:  Acrylics on masonite panel

Field Mouse in Deer Skull Field Mouse in Deer Skull

A white-footed mouse sits broadside upon an intricately textured rock, while another mouse pokes his head and front paw through the eye socket of a deer skull; the focal point and most unusual aspect of this autumn scene.  Further complimenting these content, little mice is an old grayish-brown, log in the bacdrop with colorful autumn leaves scattered throughout the forground.  .  Created in vignette style, (images blending into a white border), adds a fabulous flair to this unique acrylic painting.
 Original Art Media:  acrylics on illustration board

Treetop Flickers Treetop Flickers

Two yellow shafted flickers appear high atop an old dead tree.  The flicker, a member of the woodpecker family, sports a long beak and a short tail.  The female flicker clenches the lower right section of the tree.  Her backside reveals the distinctive bright red “V shape” and contrasts well with her brown, black spotted feathers.  The male flicker, wings outstretched and feet poised to land on the upper left portion of the tree.  In profile, the underside of his wing reveal in exquisite detail, the brilliant yellow fletching with touches of white and gray.  His breast is whitish and speckled with black markings with a large, black blotch on the lower neck.  The pitted, grooved, gray texture of the old tree and the bright, blue, sunny sky and puffy clouds compliment the vibrant flickers.

 Original Art Media: Acrylics on illustration board

About To Strike About To Strike
Published By, Pennsylvania Angler, (Cover)

A trophy largemouth bass chases a brightly colored Rebel lure, twisting upwards to the surface of the sun-streak water.  With mouth wide open and eyes fixated on the orange, red speckled, slow moving, fishing lure, the bass prepares to strike!  Varying shades of green, aquatic plants  with

touches of brown from a sunken tree branch dominate this underwater landscape.  A bluegill sunfish can be seen swimming in the lower section of the background. 
 Original Art Media: Acrylics on illustration board

Walleye Under Ice Walleye Under Ice
Published By, Pennsylvania Angler, Special Ice Fishing Newsletter, (Cover)

A hefty-sized walleye is depicted snaching an ice fisherman’s minnow, clearly visible in the fish’s mouth.  Twisting in the water, line taut, the battle begins.  This walleye has highly detailed features rendered in shades of browns and gold, mouth slightly open exposing a few sharp teeth and of course, the very prominent round, black and gold eye.  A cleanly cut hole in the ice is shown at the top, from where the fishing line is extended.  Bluish-grays provide the backdrop for this icy, dark, underwater scene.

 Original Art Media: Acrylics on illustration board

Sunset Bass Sunset Bass

A lunker, large mouth bass leaps out of the water!  The fish appears upside down, body arched diagonally, head facing bottom, tail at the top with a bluish white splash of water spattering upward from where the tail had broken the surface.  A swirling, purple, plastic, worm protrudes from the upper lip of the trophy fish’s large, bucket, wide-open moutd; head poised to reenter the water.  A red shirted fisherman, sitting in a brown motor boat can be spotted in the distance, just to the right of the bass.  With his arms slung high over his head, tightly gripping the fishing rod as he attempts to set the hook.  The lake is calm and blue, contrasting well against the water breaking splash.  An olive green lily pad and a small, sunken, brown twig can be seen in the lower right of the foreground.  Small trees and greenish shrubbery in the background give way to a spectacular yellow, orange-red, evening sunset sky.

 Original Art Media: Acrylics on canvas panel

Cougar's Prey Cougar's Prey

A triumphant cougar stands broadside facing the viewer, high at the top of a cliff.  The highland cat has brilliant green eyes with distinctive black markings around the snout; his mouth slightly open, baring his sharp teeth.  The cougar’s thick fur is a mixture of medium to dark brown colors, white belly and long thick tail, tipped with black.  The ledge of dirt and jagged rocks on which the cougar stands depicts a gray, twisted dead tree just behind the cat and the cliff face is smooth with cracks and crevices.  Dominating the foreground, a carcass of a white-tailed deer with large antlers, head hanging limply downward; body draped over the cliff face; a trickle of blood flows from the deer’s snout onto the rocky surface. To the left, a background gives the perspective of "looking downward from high atop a mountain; a smaller, gray, cliff structure, surrounded by tall evergreens fading into a majestic purplish blue mountain range, gives way to a bright blue sky with scattered clouds.
Original Art Medium:  acrylics on canvas panel

Leopard LizardLeopard Lizard

This long-nosed leopard lizard is painted in fine detail.  The lizard’s head, rendered so precisely, a mixture of beige and brown on top, blending into the intricate grayish folds of the underside of the neck, wide mouth and sparkling dark eye.  The body coloration has a base of creamy whitish beige with dark brown spots covering from the top of the head to the end of the lizard’s long, swirling tail.  Dark brown dorsal bars also cross the back, down the length of the tail, giving the appearance of banding.  The background is grayish brown desert sand with a gray, porous rock and yellowish brown blades of grass near the upper left.  The leopard lizard can be found in desert flats with sparse vegetation, native to the western united States

Acrylics on illustration board




Lost At Sea Lost At Sea

The skeleton of an old sea captain, still poised at the wheell of an ancient sailing vessel, dominates the scene and is facing forward to the viewer.  He wears an old captain’s hat, as remnants of his coat cling to his bones; now, greenish rags blowing in the wind.  With bony fingers, he tightly grips the ship’s wheel, brown, decayed wood, rusty metal draped in dry seaweed.  Behind the skeleton, the ship’s rotten masts; ripped, ragged sails atop, can be seen flapping in the breeze.  An enormous, yellow full moon, behind purplish-blue, ominous clouds, provide the perfect backdrop for this eerie, nighttime setting.

Original Art Medium:  acrylics on canvas panel

Fluffy Fluffy

This beautiful Maltese is sure to please any lover of this breed of dog.  Fluffy sits facing forward,tongue hanging out, dark eyes bearly visible through his thick white coat.  His fur is finely detailed in varying shades of white and beige.  A sky blue background fades from dark to light and provides a striking accent to this fabulous ball of fur!

Original Art Medium:  acrylics on canvas panel

Old West Coyote Old West Coyote

An abandoned ghost town style structure dominates this western plain landscape.  Depicted from a three quarter perspective, in varying shades of brown and gray, broken, decaying wood the building’s front and side is in plain view.  A dry, weather beaten, cracked, human skull can be seen in the lower left portion of the foreground near the crusty bones of a hand and forearm.  An old gray, twisted desert tree emerges from behind the skull and arches into the gray, blue, thick clouds of the stormy sky.  A lone coyote can be seen wandering broadside, face down, just about mid-point, in front of the wooden structure, surrounded by an expanse of desert sand, weeds and shrubbery
Original Art Medium:  oils on canvas panel


Blind Spots, Blind Spots, "A Visual Simulation Of Retinitis Pigmentosa"

This acrylic painting, created in the early 1980's, while retaining 8-10 degrees of central vision, simulates one of many RP visual experiences through
my life. In this illustration, I depict the scenario of "focusing on a person's eye" within a dimly lit restaurant. The colorful, wildly moving, ever changing,
blotches and pinpoints of light, may be the way my brain is perceiving those areas of lost vision. This unique visual perception has been a part of my
life since my earliest memories. In fact, at any time, with no effort, I can increase the number, color intensity and activity level by simply focusing
my attention on them. Today, the ever familiar "dance of light" remains, while the tiny island of central vision has long disappeared.
Original Art Medium:  acrylics on illustration board





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